Support Sessions

You are worthy of deep healing. Of feeling the way you want. Of loving your body and your mind.  

These sessions are completely customized to you because every woman is different.  These sessions allow for private and extended support where I’m able to hold space for you and your unique needs.  Fully wholistic, these sessions combine coaching, movement, card readings, support around food and herbs, dealing with conflict, and so much more.  Together we set intentions and goals for your specific needs fill up your toolbox with different ways to achieve them.

This is for you if:

  • You desire to feel healthy and vibrant in all areas of life.
  • You are ready to feel deeply connected to yourself, in your relationships, to the world, and to the energy of the universe.
  • You want to change your thoughts about yourself and others.
  • You want to strategies to reduce stress and live more in the present.
  • You are ready to experiment with different foods and your relationship to them.
  • You are willing to explore your patterns and beliefs and where they came from.
  • You see your wellness as a journey and you are ready to start exploring.
  • You are interested in seeing how society impacts you and you impact society.

How Does It Work?

We do an in depth assessment during our first session to figure out where your at, what is going amazing in your life, and where you need support.

After that we customize a program for your next three months where we will have action steps, support, and bi-weekly video session check-ins.

You receive email support from me in between our sessions. I also will send you some personalized goodies just for you along the way. These vary depending on what comes up in our sessions!

Women actively working through their sessions or who have within the last 1 year receive discounts and special offers on all new products and services.

Your Investment:

3 month package: $3000
Add on the Day of Self-Healing to either package for only $500 (the regular cost is $650).

  • In the last few months I've noticed that my habits are changing, my confidence is growing, and my self limiting beliefs and old stories are being edited and re-written. All of this is contributing to better health and wellness which allows me to better serve those I love and advocate for (myself included). If you've been waiting for a nudge from the Universe to take action, here it is!! Carrie will be a wonderfully encouraging guide to help you find what you are looking for, shed the dead weight you've been carrying around, and get back in touch with the you that's living inside of you. If it scares you, you should do it!
    Ashley C.
    Pittsburgh, PA